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Welcome to Generation 2 Table Tennis Club's Website !!!

Latest news......


The first week of the NJL season took place at Generation 2 with some 15 teams from clubs based in Weymouth, Bournemeouth, Southampton, Winchester, Generation 2, Portsmouth and Horsham. Two divisions were formed with Bournemouth A and Generation 2 A top in Div 1 with Bournemouth B and Weymouth B clear in Div 2. For full details of the team and player performances see here.


Club members made the long trip to RAF Cosford (Wolverhampton) to take part in the largest Junior tournament of the year with some 73 teams competing in many divisions of boys and girls. Generation 2 do not have a team in this league but our players represent other clubs in the various divisions:

Lois Peake and Letitia McMullan played for Burton Uxbridge in the Girls Premier Division

Jimmy Yeung played for Bournemouth Sports in the Boys Premier Division

Jonny McMullan played for Pompey in Boys Division 2A

Katy Holt played for Burton Uxbrudge in Division 2

For more information on the team and personal results over the weekend visit the JBL website at JBL website


Sunday 5th October saw Cippenham TTC host these championships and a host of Generation 2 players competed. To see more on how they all got on click here....

Lois Peake and Letitia McMullan were both involved in the first session of the Womens British League held over the weekend of 27th/28th September at Tipton Sports Academy. Click here to see more......

Table Tennis was one of 12 sports that made up the Sainsbury’s school games held on 5th – 7th September in Manchester. Both Letitia McMullan and Lois Peake took part in both team and individual competitions at the Manchester Regional Tennis Centre. Various areas of England were represented along with teams from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Click here to see more.....


The first of four sessions took place over the weekend of 20th -21st September at Fareham Acadamy comprising of two matches on each day. Generation 2 played Horsham Blades 1 and York Gardens 4 on Saturday with mixed results. Click here to see more.....

It was good to see the youngsters contributing to the success of the team and after the first session the table is as follows:-


The members of Generation 2 Table Tennis Club would like to welcome you to our website and encourage you to click on the various buttons on the left hand side to see the remainder of the web site. If you wish to see a quick video of our clubs activities please click the video below.



The Young Ones

We hold training sessions for all levels on a Monday and Friday evenings at Fareham Academy School, St. Anne's Grove, Fareham. We play local league matches on a Wednesday evening. If you or your child are interested in attending a training session then please click here to contact us.

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